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Firstly, there are certain types of ceremonies available :

1. Legal Wedding Ceremony non-Moslem involving a
Religious Ceremony followed by Civil Registration to legalise
the marriage.

2. Religious Only Ceremony involving a Religious Official, but no
Government Registrar.

3. Balinese Blessing Ceremony involving a Balinese Officiant
only, and no Government Registrar.

4. Ceremony of Commitment involving an lay Officiant
only, and no Government Registrar or Religious Official.

5. Legal Wedding Ceremony - Moslem involving a Moslem
Official, but no Government Registrar.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, all information on this site refers to couples other than Moslem couples. Specific information related to Moslem Marriages can certainly be answered, however, by direct and specific request once proof of your Islamic religion is received.

Legal Wedding

It is not possible to be 'legally' married in Bali or indeed anywhere in Indonesia without first having a religious ceremony and, only after such a ceremony has taken place will the Government Registry Officials register and legalise your marriage.

Without Government Registration of the marriage a marriage will not be recognized as a legal marriage either here in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world.

Documents which will be received :
One (sometimes more: depending on your religion) Certificate of Marriage from your religious official and two (always) legalizing Certificates of Marriage from the Government Registry Office.

Religious Only - Non Moslem

A Religious Only Ceremony is a 'spiritual ceremony' based on the couples' own faith ie: Protestant Christian, Catholic, Buddhist or Hindu and has no legal implication at all. This type of ceremony is most often selected by couples who are already legally married to each other and wish to renew their vows or couples who, for some reason, do not wish to be legally married.

Document which will be received :
One Certificate of Marriage (sometimes more for some religions) from your religious official.


Balinese Blessing Ceremony

A Balinese Blessing Ceremony is just that - a simple Blessing in Balinese style. This ceremony has no legal implications and, because it is only a blessing rather than a formal ceremony it allows a Balinese Officiant to pray for good things for the future of the couple and to bless their new beginning.

Document which may be received :
One Certificate of Blessing with no religious or legal implications.

Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony is performed by a lay Officiant and, like the Religious Only and Balinese Blessing, is a ceremony for couples wishing to experience a ceremony with special meaning to them in Bali - perhaps to renew their vows. It is also suitable for couples who are unable to be married to each other because of enjoying an alternative lifestyle but who wish to make a commitment to each other for a life together.

Document which may be received :
One Certificate of Commitment with no religious or legal implicatoins.

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