It is possible, of course, to organize your wedding in Bali yourself but, if you plan to do so, be prepared for a frustrating time in getting your message across, obtaining accurate information and having things work out exactly the way you want them to.

There are a number of reasons you should think very carefully about organizing your own wedding in Bali.

First of all the language barrier - this is a definite concern because you may either end up with something you do not want and expect or alternatively, you may end up without something you particularly wanted and expected.

Although Ministers and Registry Officials can speak English, most do so rather haltingly in matters apart from their own or regular text scripts and their written English is certainly not wonderful. This should be a real consideration because you will be orgnaising everything long distance.

Secondly, there is the simple issue of different cultures and therefore different concepts. It is just a matter of a Balinese or Indonesian finding it difficult to comprehend the needs, thoughts and requirements of a western bride and groom.

Indonesians, and particularly Balinese, are the most happy and helpful people in the world and will definitely do whatever they can to help you. However, where your wedding is concerned, a lot more than a friendly smile is required to make everything run smoothly and you will want much, much more than a smiling apology afterwards if things don't run to plan and you feel disappointed.

Sure, you will save yourself the cost of a wedding organizer by doing it all yourself but, we must ask you - is it really worth it?

The last thing you want is to travel all the way to Bali and experience a lot of stress and worry about your wedding. Isn't one of the reasons you chose to be married in Bali was to avoid the stress and worry generally associated with organizing a wedding ceremony back home?

A wedding in Bali can be even more stressful than at home if arrangements are not made precisely in keeping with your own personal requirements and if you have any reason to be uncertain whether you will or will not receive exactly what you want!

We strongly recommend you give this very careful thought if you are not prepared
for the strong possibility of regretting your decision afterwards. Just ask yourself "Is saving some money worth the risk of having the most important day of your life spoiled?" And, "are we willing to take a chance?"

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