The famous Tanah Lot sea temple which was built by Dang Hyang Nirartha is the first point to be visited in this bali tour package and then followed by visiting Alas Kedaton where the monkeys living here are considered sacred.
Afterwards drive to Bedugul to see the superb view of lake Beratan which is also very famous for its Ulun Danu Temple built on the shores of the lake and the spice / fruit market at Candikuning. Final stop will be made at Mengwi, was one of the main island kingdom, to see one of the grandest water garden temple on the island called Taman Ayun which was built around 1740 and symbolizing the cosmic union of sea and mountain


Batur Lake is the old crater of Mount Batur, a still active volcano next to it. It is located on the northern part of Bali. The largest lake overshadowed by the active volcano is located in Bangli Regency, at the northeast of Bali. Batur Lake is the widest lake in this island. It lies down in the feet of Mount Batur and Mount Abang. The lake is classified as a "neutral-dilute" lake because there is no known underlying hydrothermal activity, and the abundant rainfall more than quenches any such activity. There is a hot spring right by the lake. We can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Batur Lake from Kintamani. Across the lake, only reachable by boat, lies Trunyan village, where the Bali Aga people live. The surrounding of the lake is a favorite place for picks self up. At Batur Lake we can see the scenic view and feel cool atmosphere. Bangli's mountainous region center is around the spectacular volcanic crater (or caldera) of Batur. Mount Batur adjacent to the volcano is the large crescent-shaped Batur Lake, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater rim. The place is a great day trips, trekking or just to get away from the daily activity.



Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of Bali's kayangan jagat (directional temples) and guards Bali from evil spirits from the SW, in which dwell major deities, in Uluwatu's case; Bhatara Rudra, God of the elements and of cosmic force majeures. Bali's most spectacular temples located high on a cliff top at the edge of a plateau 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean. Uluwatu lies at the southern tip of Bali in Badung Regency. Dedicated to the spirits of the sea, the famous Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple is an architectural wonder in black coral rock, beautifully designed with spectacular views. This is a popular place to enjoy the sunset. Famous not only for its unique position, Uluwatu also boasts one of the oldest temples in Bali, Pura Uluwatu. Most of Bali's regencies have Pura Luhur (literally high temples or ascension temples) which become the focus for massive pilgrimages during three or five day odalan anniversaries. The photogenic Tanah Lot and the Bat Cave temple, Goa Lawah, is also Pura Luhur. Not all Pura Luhur are on the coast, however but all have inspiring locations, overlooking large bodies of water.



Forget in moment Kuta, Sanur, and or Nusa Dua. Enjoying Bali only by sand sunning in the coasts not be prestigious anymore. Nowadays, time for you enjoying more challenging eksotis and exclusive vacation. Because the coasts only known by a few/little turis. The information even also by mouth to mouth. You will not find in reference or travel. Even so maybe its not too much and can be calculated by finger.
All of beach/Coast like Pecatu and of Uluwatu enter to south kuta District Region. There’s no formal guide to go there. Easiest direction is roadway to Uluwatu temple, one of the biggest temple in Pecatu Village, south of Bali. All of the coast have same caracters, short coast land , limited by two bank, white sand, billow, and... hidden! cause, this coast near in Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bukit Ungasan.
First Coast/beach is Balangan Beach. Behind Pecatu hill, in this moment still working Bali Pecatu Graha ( BPG) project. To go to the coast we through zigzag way, up down hill. This journey be my own experienced because through hill and we saw Kuta beach and Ngurah Rai air port so far away in front of there. It’s about two kilometers, there are branches ways and illegal guide with simply write board to Balangan Beach and other to Dreamland. Forget it the last beach, because we come to Balangan Beach. This moment to go there we must down steep way. After that white sand and wave sound welcome us ( our tired)
When I’m Visiting with my team from Jakarta months ago, there is one couple only is sand sunning. The other tourist still waiting wave white take hold on their board surfing, and others relax on the beach chair while reading novel. There is no one disturb them. It’s so really beach to hide, Tiar said local tourist from Indonesia.
Balangan view beach faced on north, so Ngurah Rai airport can be saw from here. East part limited by mountainside with the call abouts 3 meters and the west part limited by mountainside more high and full of plant. There are two corals smaller beside high white stone mountainside between them. There are white sand that have big granule than Kuta. The coach a little stones near of the beach part you must be carefull. There are about 5 cafes in here. In that evening there are some touris, sitting in that café with their beer in the table. Café’s function too as a placa to stay with the price about Rp. 50000/night. Local tourist or foreign tourist could walk to dreamland from Balangan Beach. They will trough some corals stone, swim to the beach and walk in the white sand to the west. Dream Land beach more crowded then Balangan. Mede Said “this Place known about 1996 ( she is from there ). Dreamland beach like dream beach. In the first time come to that place my friend feel so proud they shock when they trough as small gate about one meters between two corals and then becomed, white sand, blue beach, roll of waves and west point Bali island in Uluwatu. Some tourist enjoying solving swimming, surfing and sanding. Although more crowded than Balangan, amount of tourist in Dreamland smaller than Kuta and Sanur. It’s about 50 tourist. The Beach length about 1 kilometers to south. In the north limited by sharp stone Beach and high coral 15 meters. In this hill we ca see the beach ( Dreamland ) under there 20 meters. This beach side to west so we can see sunset. It’s really beautiful place. Silent and good place to take a rest from crowded place and bussy day. Coming and enjoy your life to Bali. You will feel satisfied.



Tanah Lot

Bali is true heaven of tourism. At least that existing fact and which I feel as part of Bali society which live and grow in Bali island. There are a lot of beautiful exotic place in this island. One of them is Tanah Lot. As tourism object, Tanah Lot is true famous. It’s called as icon of Bali Tourism beside GWK statue kuta, Sanur, Nusadua and Ubud Beach. As Icon, Tanah Lot is so enthused by all tourist, foreign or Domestic tourist.
Tanah Lot is True with fascination. This tourist object integrate consist of sunset moment that very beautifull with spiritual tourism marked by tanah lot temple. Even a number of tourist at the moment. Tourist can directly show activity of hindhu people ritual.
Tanah lot located in tabanan Regency. If you want to go there from Denpasar or Ngurah Rai Air Port just need 30-40 minutes but for local tourist from java island tanah Lot could reach from Kediri region located about 8 kilometers north of Tanah Lot and be important way (rush) Denpasar-Gilimanuk. The big……………..of Tanah Lot tourism object can not be let loose from Tanah Lot temple in the Midle of Beach for Praying, Hinduism come to Pura tanah Lot on foot across the beach. Just for five minutes, not too long. The beach water that must be accrosed undeep, just limit of knee.
Tanah lot temple established by Dang Hyang Dwijendra some one who has iron skill that live in majapahit kingdom in era 15. He comes to Bali for starting lofty Duty. Teach spiritual problems and social harmonization. By the Bali King that has power, Dalem Waturenggong Dang Hyang Dwijendra accepted and gived achance to spread Hindhu religion. In Bali, Dang Hyang Dwijendra establish some temples, one of them is Pura Tanah lot.
Beside Tanah Lot Temple and sunset view, there is another thing that proper enjoyed by tourist. That are sixs Pura the location in a row to the west from pura Tasnah lotwith walking for about 1 km, the tourist can find pura Pakendungan, Pura Penataran, Enjung Galuh, jro kandangBatu Bolong, Batu Mejan. All of that temple has unique, in Fact in the last Pura that’s Pura Batu Mejan be located in beach lips. There are 9 water sources out from under the beach and the water tasteless!. In order to enjoy all of interest places souronding Tanah lot tourism object, you must come early or before evening. After satisfied visit seven temples, in the evening you can enjoy sunset in the west part. Now, it’s time to leave from the beach (Tanah lot) But wait, have your hand bring the souvenir! Don’t worry because of that. In there, available art market that available some of crafts and Bali special food. The price, it’s cheap if you smart to bargain.