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Air Sanih Water Palace, Buleleng Bali
This is a recreational garden with natural pool by the Beach of Bali Sea. The view is marvelous, the clear-watered natural-spring pool with trees surrounding it.

Andakasa Temple, Karangasem Bali
Pura Andakasa (Andakasa Temple) is just a short drive inland from Pura Goa Lawah. From the car park we walk along a path through the forest and arrive after a few minutes at a small altar next to a sacred spring where we gather holy water for the ceremony.

Art, About Bali
Art for the Balinese is one aspect of living dominating every activity of the people or can be said that art is the living focus of the Balinese. Bali is very rich in artistic treasure and it lives and develops within the every throb of the Balinese life covering works of art like fine art more >>
Bali Museum, Denpasar Bali
The Ethnographical Museum is the only museum one can find in Denpasar, located on Mayor Wisnu Street next to Jagatnatha Temple. It was built in December 8th, 1932 in which displayed various old objects in four main buldings called: Gedung Timur, Gedung Buleleng, Gedung Karangasem and Gedung Tabanan. more >>
Banjar Hot Spring, Buleleng Bali
Banjar Hot Spring is known as a natural hot spring have healing power to cure skin disease. The hot spring has been allocated and designed to be a simple pool, surrounded by beautiful countryside while next to it is the biggest Budhist Temple in Bali

Banyu Wedang Hot Spring, Buleleng Bali
The hot spring has its source off shore and it will be under water when the sea water rises. At the biggest hot spring, a round concrete protector has been built so when the sea-water rises, the hot spring will not be mixed with the saline sea water.

Batubulan Village, Gianyar Bali
Batubulan is a village belongs to Sukawati district, Gianyar regency. It has a strategic location for being the western gate of Gianyar regency and as a terminal that links Denpasar city and the Eastern part of Bali Island. more >>
Batukaang Village, Bangli Bali
This village is located at the height of 1.150 meters above sea-level. So that the temperature is quite mild the same as that at Batur Resort. Along the road, one can see the wonderful, with its spectacular panorama. more >>
Batur & Surroundings, Bangli Bali
Some sources describing about Batur are "Kusuma Dewa", "Usana Bali" and "Raja Purana Batur" manuscripts. It is told that Batur Temple had been established since Empu Kuturan (prominent Hindu spiritualist) time in X century up to the beginning of XI century.

Beji Temple, Buleleng Bali
This temple is known as a holy place to worship "Dewi Sri" (the Goddess of Rice), as the Goddess connected with agriculture and as the Goddess has created rice as staple-food. This temple is also known as "Subak" Temple for Sangsit traditional village

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