Global Crisis Started to Affect Bali

Impact of global financial crisis has started to affect Bali export business players. A number of Bali export items enjoying significant export volume in the past has been significantly increased.
Statistic exposed by Foreign Trading Department of Bali Industry and Trade Office shown significant decrease on a number of Bali export items. Head of Foreign Trading Department of Bali Industry and Trade Office, Ni Wayan Kusumastuti through her staff Putu Bagiada said on Friday (February 5th) that the most significant decrease recorded by textile and textile products.
Textile product to US has decreased as much as 8 percent. The highest decrease during the last few years was caused by impact of global financial crisis to US citizens. US coidered the largest export destination for textile and textile products along with other Asia-Pacific countries such as Japan, Australia, Canada, and Brazil.
If figures Bali earned US$ 129,028,160.04 on export of textile and textile products in 2008, a slight decrease from US$ 130,642,376.77 in 2007. Worsening crisis was predicted to make the situation even more difficult.
Similar opinion was expressed by a number of Bali export business player. Secretary of Bali Exporters Associationm G.W. Ardjawa, S.E. said that decrease on Bali export is predicted to be significant, especially as export of one of Bali’s favorite export product, knock-down wooden gazebo, has been suspended following the newly introduced regulation by the forestry office. “We are encountering significant lost by the new regulation,” Ardjawa said.
I fact, knock-down wooden gazebo has been a well known product by international market and deliver significant stream of foreign revenue. “Export of wooden gazebo delivers multi-million dollar in revenue every year,” he added. He hoped that the government will stop the suspension to allow wooden gazebo export to continue.
Source : balinewsonline.com

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